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FLC professors are qualified professionals, who are experienced in the usage of author methodics for intensive studying with the appli-cation of diiferent multimedia devices. Those methods are based on the interactive, individual work and testing.

Foreign Languages Centre is provided with its own lecture rooms, foreign languages and litterature classrooms with about 1000 books.

Specialities and Directions of Studying

-Any person, who wants to study can be trained at FLC, either a stu-dent or a businessman;

-Every student receives a certificate according to the level he/she acquired:

1. Pre-Intermediate (0,0+);

2. Intermediate (1,2);

3. Upper-Intermediate (1,2);

4. Optional courses (1,2);

-Preparational training for the testing in English (TOEFL, IELTS, FCS); German (DAF, DSH, LOP, KDS, YDS); French (DELF, DALF);

- For the students with 1, 2, 1 and 2 level we can offer special business courses with native speakers on such topics: job interview, effective presentation, effective socializing, effective negotiation, effective telephoning, effective meetings; Bürokommunikation, Bü-rotechnik, Landwirte; Correspondance commerciale.